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  • Amanda Turner

10 ways to de-stress

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Everyone is unique and what relaxes one person may make another person want to run and hide. It is really about being willing to try something a few times and then deciding whether it feels good for you.

Most of us have heard the tried and true de-stress ideas such as taking a bath, reading a book or calling a friend but we may not remember to try these when we are feeling over the top stressed!

Give some of these ideas a try when things are going well and then you will be more likely to use them when things are hard.

  1. Search out something that will evoke the opposite emotion in you. Sometimes when we are feeling sad we want to wallow in it and watch a sad movie but if you want to feel better you might want to search for funny animal videos or watch your favorite comedian on Netflix.

  2. Take a vacation… an imaginary one that is…go on line and plan out a dream vacation or day dream you are on a warm beach listening to waves lap at the shore.

  3. Do something kind for someone else. When we contribute we feel better.

  4. Do something to stimulate your senses – put on a scented hand-cream, smell the spring air, bake cookies and enjoy the smell that fills your house and then the taste of fresh cookies

  5. Move your body – this may be walking, running, the gym or dancing around the house to your favorite music. Activity releases feel good hormones in your body.

  6. Give a hug or ask for a hug. If no one is there try the “self-hug” by putting your and on your heart.

  7. Smile – not a big cheesy smile… but just a slight up-turn at the corners of your mouth has been shown to make us feel better and of course when we have a smile on our face others tend to be kinder to us too.

  8. Connect with someone – humans are social beings and we feel best if we have at least one close relationship with a partner, a friend or family. So reach out to someone you care about.

  9. Get outside – it has been proven that people feel better when they have at least some connection with nature whether that is a city park or a hike in the forest.

  10. Get something done – when we achieve something we feel good about ourselves. If this is something on your to-do list it will have an even bigger effect in lowering your stress levels.

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