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  • Amanda Turner

How to Choose the Right Counsellor for YOU

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Typically, people are looking for a therapist or counsellor when something is not working in their lives.

For a counsellor to help you, you will need to trust them and feel safe sharing information that might make you feel very vulnerable. When I googled “how to find the right counsellor for you” one piece of advice I found on multiple sites was “it is important how they look, you will be sitting opposite them.”

I would suggest there are more important things than appearance when looking for counsellor…

A good place to start is asking friends or family for a referral. Just as you might ask around to find a good plumber or general contractor, word of mouth can be an excellent way to find counsellors too.

Check out the potential counsellor’s website and credentials. You will be looking for someone who as a master’s degree in counselling, psychology, social work or another related field. It may also help you to find the right fit if you look at any additional training they have.

Consider whether the counsellor’s areas of expertise fit for you. Counselling is not one size fits all, so think about whether the counsellor can meet your needs. There are different approaches to therapy and you need to find the one that is right for you. Art therapy may be just what one person needs while it may be frustrating and unhelpful for someone else.

Before you start paying someone to help you, ask if they offer a free initial consultation as this will help you get a feel for each other. Don’t be afraid to shop around, if someone asks for a big commitment up front be cautious, this is about you not the counsellor.

But the best advice I can offer is…


If it feels right and you feel heard and understood this may be the counsellor for you.

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