• Amanda Turner

5 Tips to Help You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

It is rare to find someone who has not been on a diet at some point in their life and yet what fuels the billion-dollar diet industry is the fact that DIETS DON’T WORK!

What can work is trying to have a healthy relationship with food. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and keep these 5 tips in mind.

  1. Eat breakfast every day – ideally within one hour of waking

  2. Don’t get too hungry – most people need to eat something every 2-4 hours

  3. Allow yourself treats – 1 to 3 treats a day is part of a healthy relationship with food

  4. Plan ahead – we can make choices that will help our bodies feel good when we aren’t over hungry and in a rush

  5. Remember there are no good and bad foods – just some we could choose to eat more often and others that are better as treats

Most importantly enjoy the food you do eat!

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